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Rev. Ken Benjamins - Build Up and Gather In

Rev. Ken Benjamins - Build Up and Gather In

2023 Abide Project Convention

This was recorded at the 2023 Abide Project Convention in Oak Lawn Illinois.

What a blessing to gather together as those who desire reformation, renewal, and revival within the CRC– in our congregations and in our own lives. We trust God’s provision over our time together as we sit under the preaching of his Word and following the leading of his Holy Spirit in our discussions and fellowship. May you be deeply encouraged.


We offer our sincere thanks to Calvary Church Oak Lawn for hosting this gathering of Confessional Christian Reformed Churches. Thanks to Pastor Daniel Stidham and their Council for the invitation. A particular thanks to Jim and Barb Bolhuis for coordinating many of the logistics of our time together. Much work has gone into planning for two days and we are very grateful.

We would also like to acknowledge the committee members of our gathering who have contributed to the organization of this convention, as well as the moderators, readers, and of course our speakers. We offer sincere thanks for all of their collaborative efforts. Without them there is no convention!

To God Alone Be the Glory!