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Thank you for your perspective.

I agree with your observations. There are inconsistencies in how the various ideas (which have become idols for the progressives) seem to be contradicting one another. On one hand they seem to want to worship "minorities" or people of other ethnic backgrounds, and force their inclusivity agenda through diversity hiring and disingenuous means (which I would argue are usually racist means in the true sense), and yet on the other hand they refuse to listen and acknowledge that the majority of "minorities" they claim to fight for, are actually in direct opposition to many of their own (wrongly held) beliefs about God and His Word. I think we witnessed the same thing with the young people who spoke at Synod, many from the Biblical position, and yet the revisionists cried that we were going to lose all our young people if we don't bow down to the current pagan sex cult of our day. In reality, those churches which have given into the world are quickly dwindling in membership, with very few young people coming into their churches, where as those who are remaining faithful (and are being sanctified by the Word and Spirit) are seeing massive growth and explosion in attendance from youth and young families, and peoples of various ethnic and denominational backgrounds.

People who are being called by the Spirit are desiring a real message of salvation (from their sins); one of hope, and radical transformation. They don't simply want a pious social club to be a part of that looks identical to the world, and tells them to continue living how they already are, where they aren't truly saved from anything, but are made to feel good about themselves in a community of like-minded people. That is not, and never will be the mission of the Church, and that message will never have true, deep, lasting impact on anyone's life, which is why we can rest assured that Satan's power plays will ultimately fail, as they always do; The Church will continue to grow and transform the world, Christ (the truer, better Adam) will fulfill the dominion mandate given by God in the garden, through His Bride, by putting all things into subjection under His feet, restoring creation as the Gospel and God's Word permeates the world like leaven in a loaf of bread. The increase of His government will have no end, He will save the world, as he promised, and all those who oppose His reign and do not repent will be crushed. There is no doubt, because God is not one to lie or to change His mind. Our job is to remain faithful, to press on in the mission we have been called, to herald the good news of the King who reigns, and to rejoice in all circumstances. Praise the Lord for all He is doing in the CRC, in the world, and in His true holy catholic Church!

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