Kathlyn, thank you for quite plainly pointing out some of the harmful, very real, not "mythical" elements that culture is pushing on us. What you have described are a bunch of lies, and as Satan is the father of all lies, this is a Satanic system. You have called it "culture" which I think is accurate. It could also be called "the world" in a Biblical sense. As believers we are not a part of this system, recognizing the truth from the lies. So yes, there literally is a "conspiracy that we are not a part of".

All of mankind is the same in that we are sinners in need of redemption. Believers reject sin and repent of it. The Bible makes it clear what sin is.Culture and the world embraces sin, elevates it, normalizes it, and is proud of it.

Why? It is evil and wants to destroy. Destroy families, kids, relationships, lives of the unborn, churches, economies...anything and everything and any kind of destruction will do. Satan is a defeated foe who wants to cause as much damage as possible to as many people as possible in the time he has left. So Kathlyn, that is an attempt to answer the question you posed in the close to your article. "What are your motives for all this hurt?"

Thanks again for writing an excellent piece.


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Kathlyn, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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There is far more to gender identity and sexuality than the sexual desires that your argument (not the mythical Culture you refer to) has reduced them to. (You might note that many children are aware they're 'different' long before puberty unlocks their sexual desires.)

I wonder who you think Culture is, if not all of us humans together? Do you suppose there is a conspiracy that you're not part of?

When I was 14 I said exactly what you said above. And I was proud of myself for doing so. My CRC upbringing told me all I needed to know about sin and sexuality. Eventually though (and after much hurt for myself and others), I had to recognize my own homosexuality and I came out. I am now married in a same sex relationship. We do love each other, and the basis of our relationship is far more than lustful urges. Go meet some gay people, we are nice folks and not as different from you as you might have been led to believe.

Wishing you lots of success in school and beyond. You're a great writer!

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