Such an important quote you included from Calvin:

"Things which are necessary to be done cannot be omitted from any fear of offense. For as our liberty is to be made subservient to charity, so charity must in its turn be subordinate to purity of faith. Here, too, regard must be had to charity, but it must go as far as the altar; that is, we must not offend God for the sake of our neighbor.”

A much needed reminder! Thanks, Pastor Ruis.

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This paper contains truths that we in the CRC really need to comprehend and embrace right now.

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Very helpful. Thank you for writing!

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Augustine's motto about unity, liberty and charity has been a guidepost for me in coming to terms with several issues in the church over the last few decades. I think that where believers go wrong in its application often starts with applying it based on some new revelation or prophecy that has been promoted by prominent people in the faith.

This happens when believers lose sight of the fact that revelation comes only through the Holy Spirit. Regardless of when or how or through whom that God chooses to reveal to us the meaning of His word, the Holy Spirit provides that revelation with the singular purpose of honoring Christ. I think John Calvin explained that purpose best:

“By the words “ALL THAT I HAVE SAID,” we learn that the Holy Spirit will not be a builder of new revelations. When they claim that Holy Scripture does not contain perfection, but that something loftier has been revealed by the Spirit, they prove that the spirit that introduces any doctrine or invention apart from the Gospel is a deceiving spirit, and not the Spirit of Christ.” (Calvin's Commentary on John 14.26)

Greg Williams


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