I think you have missed the mark on this one. If someone is claiming to identify as an “LGBT+” (as you refer to them) or a “homosexual”, then they are not finding their identity in Christ, and they have not died to themselves and been raised a new creation in Christ.

I was once a drug addict who struggled with all kinds of sexual sin that followed suite, but Christ rescued me and gave me a new life and a new identity. The last thing I would ever do, or ever want my church to do, is to identify me as any of those things I once was. I HAVE BEEN BORN AGAIN! This should be our ultimate desire for anyone struggling with sexual sin, or with any sin in our churches: that they would be set free from them and identify as a Child of God!

I am shocked that this rhetoric is now coming out of the Abide Project, which I thought was standing firm on the Bible. Stop using the cultures language, and speak the words of Scripture. God calls them sodomites, idolators, and homosexuals for a reason, and it is an abomination in the sight of our Holy God, and so too should it be in our eyes. There is a reason Paul discusses homosexual relations in Romans 1 as his main example of what happens when man rejects the obvious truth of God and chooses to worship the creation instead.

Of course this does not mean that we are to hate people struggling with sins of any kind - we are called to love even our enemies. But we are to abhor what is evil. Maybe we do need to revisit the 1973 decision on these matters. There is a way to take a truly loving approach that is truly Biblical, and what you have articulated here does not make sense and does not mesh with the example of Jesus, nor with any of His apostles or His Word.

If I have misunderstood, or mis-read what you have presented in this article please correct me . I have always been a supporter and reader of the Abide Project, and pray that I am mistaken about what you are trying to say.

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