Brittany, Thank you for an exceptional article on living in and for Christ.

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"I came to understand that marriages in this life are imperfect previews of what is to come. Consequently, the life to come and what is eternal began to take precedence for me."

This is exactly it! Thanks Brittany!

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What a great article, Brittany! So rich, both in insight and devotion... You show us that its all about Jesus-- whether time or eternity, whether single or married or in our new creation reality. These two thoughts jumped out at me:

"My confidence, however, is not grounded in any life circumstance but in recognizing that knowing Jesus only gets better with time."

Also: "singleness can be a reminder to invest in our future reality now as we seek the unity of the body through an array of relationships."

P.S. I'll be sharing this article with my university group this week. We've been talking about just these matters... thank you so much for writing! I hope you write again. =)

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“…both marriage and singleness are gifts, and it is only the gift-giver who decides which gift is given.”

Thank you.

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